Fredrickson Enterprises Marketing and Communications is headquartered in Drayton Valley, Alberta. Our business is built on rural values that aim to bring the small town business to the global market place. The economy is changing and many rural based small businesses are finding themselves in competition with the big box stores, magazine online shops as well as their traditional local competition. Fredrickson Enterprises Marketing and Communications help small businesses see and understand the real-time results that online marketing and sales can have on their bottom line.

As a digital marketing agency we provide internet marketing services, email marketing, content development, social media, PPC, SEO strategy development to businesses large and small that are looking to grow and expand their market share. We are an agency centres our strategy development on market research. As we grow we are committed to:

  • High quality standards

  • Personal attention

  • Research based strategy development

  • Results focused innovations

Markets We Serve

Fredrickson Enterprises Marketing and Communications is a company that is constantly evolving and learning and while we will take on just about any industry, getting to know the industry helps the overall strategy. We specialize in marketing for rural businesses. We understand that blanket corporate marketing campaigns do not always resonate with customers on a grassroots level so we work with rural business markets to speak to customers in a neighbour to neighbour fashion. With every client we research industry information and past sales information to craft the best SEO strategies and write relevant content to deliver maximized results.


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Why Choose Us?

Fredrickson Enterprises Marketing and Communications is an internet marketing agency that understands the needs of rural business owners. We know the value of a handshake. We are here to help your business grow.


We are Accountable

Digital media has made the purchase of ad space easier than ever before. However, the purchase of ads from large platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram does not equal results and, when results fall flat there is no one to be held accountable. At Fredrickson Enterprises Marketing and Communications we are accountable to our customer and their marketing goals. We strategize and work to ensure our clients goals are being met, on time, every-time.

We Value Integrity

We are an honest company that values integrity. We are not going to sell you something that won’t help you accomplish your marketing objectives. Our strategies are born out of target market research, and discussion with you about your sales history and sales goals. We then create a digital marketing plan that is tailor made for your business.



We Deliver on Time

We know that an ill timed marketing campaign can make the difference between year-end success or failure. The strategy that we develop for you are designed to catch your customer when they are looking for your product or service. Timing is everything. We communicate with our clients regularly to keep them up to date on projects we are working on and services we are offering. 

Brandy Fredrickson, President

Brandy Fredrickson, President

OUr Roots

Brandy Fredrickson began Fredrickson Enterprises Marketing and Communications following the 2016 economic downturn that saw rural economies decimated and struggling.

Fredrickson realized that for rural business to thrive they had to embrace the same type of research, innovations and tactics that global e-commerce powerhouses were using to pull customers away from the traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Living in rural Alberta, Fredrickson understands the unique needs of small business owners grappling with ways to expand their marketing outreach while trying to maintain profit margins.

Fredrickson Enterprises Marketing and Communications strives to bring rural businesses to the global marketplace with the same targeted precision that the global competition is using to capture the traditional rural market.

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