59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective channel in terms of revenue generation.

Email Marketing Services

If your company hasn’t implemented an email marketing campaign you are missing on an excellent opportunity to connect with your customers and brand influencers. Email marketing is part of the new brand of marketing called permission marketing. Businesses know it costs less to sell to an existing customer than it does to acquire a new customer.  If your company is ready to take that next step in digital marketing we are ready to help. We can set up an email marketing campaign that fits your business objectives perfectly. Services we provide include:

  • Email profile set-up

  • One-off sales orientated emails

  • Audience service and information updates

  • Setting up automated emails based on your sales funnel

  • Product and service promotions, one-off or in a campaign

  • Newsletter templates

  • Optimizing your social media and website for email list growth

Email marketing is only as effective as the results it produces. At Fredrickson Enterprises Marketing and Communications we will use email-marketing platforms to track results. As part of an effective email marketing campaign Fredrickson Enterprises Marketing and Communications will provide reports on open rates, click through rates, subscribe and unsubscribe rates. Your email marketing will also be seamlessly integrated into your Google Analytic reporting so you get a full picture of how effective your digital marketing efforts are.

We’d love to discuss how to get your email marketing

campaign underway.